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We want to deliver accurate cases for your patients. Our Client Preferences Form helps us meet your expectations on every case. Please complete and submit the form below.

Step 1: Client Information
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If you have specific preferences that apply to every case, please check the appropriate boxes below. If you would rather submit criteria on a case-by-case basis, feel free to leave that question blank and proceed to the next question.

Step 2: Details
Interproximal Contacts:
Occlusal Stain:
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PFM Margin Design:



Bridge Pontic Design:



Diagnostic Wax-Ups:

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Anterior Tooth Form, Embrasures and Arrangement:

Restoration Level Choice:

Implant Restorations:
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  • Multiple Adjacent Implant Restorations
Material Choice—Anterior Crowns:

Material Choice—Posterior Crowns:

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Full Gold

Technology / Visual Aids

What type of technology / visual aids are you currently implementing in your office to assist in treatment planning and case acceptance?

Step 3: Comments/Notes
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