“The full-contour zirconia and e.max look nearly identical, and a Select full-contour all-zirconia milled crown is comparable to the best porcelain fused to metal. They’re consistently very, very good, easy to cement and easy to work with.”

— Dr. Paul Cannariato

Materials Guide


The following information is provided to assist you in selecting the appropriate material(s) to meet the needs of your patient.

All Zirconia




Posterior crown or bridge

Has a relatively opaque appearance




Sirona inCoris


Lithium Disilicate




Single units – anterior and posterior crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, and veneer-lays




Ivoclar IPS e.max


Leucite Glass Ceramic




Anterior – crowns and veneers

Posterior* – crowns, veneers, veneer-lays, inlay, onlay
*Bicuspids only – NOT recommended for molars




Ivoclar IPS Empress Esthetic, Jensen Authentic


Zirconia Framework with Feldspathic Veneer




Anterior and posterior crowns and bridges




Zirconia Frame

        • Ivoclar IPS e.max Zir CAD
        • Sirona inCoris
        • GC Aadva


Feldspathic Overlay

        • Ivoclar IPS e.max Zir CAD
        • Noritake CZR


PFM Porcelain Fused-to-Metal




Anterior and posterior crowns and bridges for teeth and implants




Ivoclar IPS d.SIGN, Jensen Pulse



Porcelain Fused-to-Metal


      • High Noble: Aquarius (Au: 86%, Pt: 11%, Sn: <1.0%, In: 2.5%, Ir: <1.0%, Ta: <1.0%, Li: <1.0%)
      • High Noble: Lodestar (Au: 51.5%, Pd: 38.5%, In: 8.5%, Ga: 1.5%)
      • Noble: Callisto-CP Plus (Pd: 25.5%, Co: 40.0%, Cr: 21.4%, Mo: 12.7%, W,B: <1.0%, Ta: <1.0%)


Gold Crowns


      • Harmony Hard C&B (Au: 74%, Ag: 12%, Pd: 4.0%, Cu: 9.0%, Az: <1.0%)