Implant Abutments and Restorations


Abutments are the connection of the implant to the final restorations and are offered in two types:

Stock Abutments: which are manufactured by the implant company and modified by the laboratory to fit the case.
Two material choices:

  1. Titanium (maximum strength)
  2. Zirconia (provides increased esthetics)

Custom Abutments: designed and manufactured by the laboratory to fit the case.
Three material choices:

  1. Metal (titanium or cast gold/alloy)
  2. UCLA Type (cast alloy with ceramic applied to improve esthetics)
  3. Zirconia (provides increased esthetics)


Crowns that are attached to an implant via an abutment.

Implant Crown (Available in Master/Original product levels)

Implant Bridge (Available in Master/Original product levels). These can be more complex and involve the addition of pink ceramic.
Two material choices:

  1. PFM (feldspathic ceramic on high noble or noble alloy)
  2. PF Zirconia (feldspathic ceramic on zirconia framework)